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Usain Bolt lesson for love

Usain Bolt failed to deliver the perfect ending for a perfect career at the World Athletics Championship 2017 in London, where he lost his last 100m run to Justin Gatlin, a 35-year-old American twice banned from doping. Lesson for love What can we learn ...Read More

Video: Donald Trump Sexist

This video shows some of the provoquing things Donald Trump said about women and you might not be surprised. The Trump(f)ed up Future Donald John Trump; the most trending name since this November when there was a change of events in the most unexpected ...Read More

9 Signs she likes you

  Sometimes, it can be very challenging to read girls’ minds and almost completely impossible to determine exactly what they want. Men, when it comes to the opposite sex, are not good in reading signs because women are confusing beings which makes it very difficult to know ...Read More