Here’s the definition for ‘casual dating’ according to Wikipedia.

casual dating definition

Pretty accurate, but still doesn’t cover the online spectrum of casual dating. When it comes to online casual dating the main focus is sex.

There are several types of casual relationships, ‘friends with benefits’ and ‘no strings attached’ being the most common. Nowadays casual dating is something sought-after and the online scene creates the perfect opportunity for casual fun seekers to explore.

More and more online dating sites offer users casual dating opportunities. While some of them aren’t that obvious on their offer, others focus openly on ‘marital affairs’, promising 100% discretion and chance to find sexual partners with ease.

Is it that easy? We’ll go into that in a bit.

Online Casual Dating

It’s blooming but intended to stay off the radars, casual dating market is of high appeal for companies wanting to grab their share of the online dating world.

This represents an opportunity for individuals looking for a sexual partner who they can have just NSA (no strings attached) fun or add more to the mix, without having to commit to a serious relationship.

On the other side of the coin there are companies and individuals trying to profit as much as they can with this growing market, delivering often false promises of easy sex with stellar men and women in return of a upfront payment to join their websites.

This type of online dating is the dodgiest you can find and the reason for that is simple, is the one closer to a billion pound worth industry, pornography that is. And casual dating online share something with porn, it’s more sought by men than women.

Some men are willing to invest much time and money to find a good sexual partner making them easy prey’s for obscure casual dating sites.


Free Casual Dating

If you heard about the perfect online site to meet sexual partners for FREE, you’ve been told a lie or someone still believes the myth.

We have to be bluntly honest, there isn’t such thing. You can find sites promising free casual sex, but there will be a catch somewhere or if they are genuinely trying to build such site, they’ll soon realize it won’t work.

Why do we know it doesn’t work? Over the past few years, we’ve come across a few genuine attempts to create a free dating site for this purpose, but they always fell short to succeed in their efforts.

We have an easy explanation for this. If we look at the demand on the market for these type of websites, we see way more men looking for it when compared to women. This poses a great challenge for any wannabe site, they need to make a huge effort to balance the numbers. Otherwise they’ll end up with a useless site with endless men and no women.

So, the number one reason for a completely free website not to survive is simply because men quickly overflow those sites, soon making them useless and miles away from attracting any women.

What you can find as a ‘free’ opportunity are free websites not presumably offering casual dating, but still allowing a good chance for that to happen.

Safe Casual Dating

When it comes to casual dating people often fall into scams or shady money grabbing schemes that offer little or no value to what is promised. Unfortunately this is something common as some companies take shortcuts to make money and don’t bother to offer a proper online dating service.

That said, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a service that suits your needs. It’s not easy to find a good online dating site for casual dating, but it’s also not impossible. And if you’re looking, look no further, we’ve found 2 sites operating in the UK which are worth your attention.

Often people online say every single casual dating site is a scam, or some say it’s all legit – the latter being the obvious with something to earn from it. Truth to be told, none of them is right. There are plenty of scams, but that’s not all there is, you can still find what you’re looking for.

To get a better overview on how to stay safe whilst online dating, make sure you also read our guide about online dating safety.

Casual Dating Scams

One thing that most people don’t know is when to consider something a scam. It’s very common to read people online saying they’ve been ripped off by X/Y/Z website and therefore it’s a complete scam. That’s not always the whole story. Sometimes people misuse a website or fall into some traps which isn’t per se a scam.

This market has a unique specify of attracting many men, many often eager to find easy sex. This poses a great opportunity to make more profit for casual dating sites owners and they really ga a great length to try to make as much profit as they can.

In online casual dating you’re in a world where banners offering sex with the girl next door or to have a chat with a beautiful ‘Russian babe’ will be thrown at your face (screen) every 2 seconds. This doesn’t mean they are a scam or they have scam offerings. It’s more the nature of the business and you’ll have to live with it if you want to immerse into this world.

You have to keep in mind, each time you click a banner and accept a tempting offer from these sites, you’re accepting to play by their rules. There isn’t much to blame but yourself if you feel you’ve been scammed.

Quote: Be prepared to see plenty of banners with shady offerings on your screen. Don’t take it personal, reject and move on.

Now that you understand a bit more about the nature of the business, you know that not every offer in front of you is a scam.

Spotting a Scam

There’s no better way of avoiding a scam then spotting one. By knowing how to spot a scam you’ll be able to indulge into online casual dating.

Top signals it’s a scam:

  • Request credit card or personal data too often or too soon
  • Promise something for free, but still ask for credit card details
  • Promise easy hook up or sex (often mentioning it’s right next to your door)
  • Click on advert to land on a busy website overloaded with sex opportunities
  • Advert showing what looks like a personal message from a sexy girl to you
  • Someone tries to approach you in a compelling way, but soon looking to explore your vulnerability
  • After joining a website receive personal messages asking to join another service or go onto another website

Some scams are more sophisticated than others, but you can spot them as long as you keep a sharp eye.

Neutralizing a threat

Even if you can’t spot a scam and you’re somehow enrolling in one, there are still ways to avoid being totally scammed.

To neutralize a scam you have to keep in mind personal information and payments details are something of precious value to you. Giving away sensible data should only be done when you’re sure on what you’re paying for, therefore shouldn’t be given to anyone without some assurance.

The rule of thumb is:

Don’t rush. Think. Ask questions, and decide later!

One of the top reasons for people falling into casual dating scams is not taking time to explore what they are going for. Smart scammers know this, they create compelling offers and often mention limited time only to ensure you pay first and ask questions later.

If you are about to pay for something, stop and take more time to explore the product/service. If the site is unclear on what you’ll get for your money, make sure you look for a contact page or email, where you can ask questions.

A simple email asking the right questions is enough to know if they are true about their offering and if they provide user support.

Questions to ask:

  • How much will I be charged?
  • Is it a recurring payment? If so, when is it due?
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
  • What exactly is the product/service I’m paying for?
  • Do they offer a refund policy?


Don’t take any rushed decisions. Always take time to understand the product/service before making any payments.

All questions should be asked 1st, don’t give away personal details or credit card info and then start questioning.

Pay attention and be alert to what you have in front of you. The sooner you spot a potential scam, the safer you are.

When you fall into a trap and soon find out you’re paying for something you don’t really want, take action and cancel the service as soon as you can. If you can’t cancel the service, make sure you talk to your bank to know your options.

Don’t try to turn a scam around to your favour. There’s no win situation in a scam. If you have been scammed accept you were a victim and just leave, without coming back.

We are absolutely sure you’re now better prepared to face casual dating without being expose to ‘hungry scammers’.

All the good luck.

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