I’m just a regular guy, working in amazing London from 9am till 6pm. The reason I’m here writing about my dating experiences is simply because I womanize and date a lot and most of the times it all starts online.

I don’t consider myself a guru or even an expert. So don’t expect to read from me the traditional “I know it all” crap. I often joke about my own mistakes, but also learn from them. I’m here to help you to better understand online dating (and dating) with a real-life perspective instead of the often common experts/gurus nonsense stuff.

Why I don’t like self-proclaimed pick up artists, gurus, experts and so on? Because 90% of the time they sell what you want to hear and don’t have real-life experience themselves. And when they do have experience, they still want to sell you how easy is to get to bed with any girl.

No offence, I use tips and advices, but I’ll do it in order to help you simplify situations and actions that otherwise could puzzle your mind.

That said, forget about reading me selling “5 steps to fall in love forever” or “how to pick any girl in 10min”. I’m here to share my experience and you can judge for yourself how useful and worthwhile is to you.

My love life

I’ve had long term relationships in the past and was a trustful and loyal partner. As much as I loved it, I decided to explore dating life much further and take my loving life to a different spectrum.

I have been dating several women without committing to a monogamist serious relationship (if that’s what we can call it). At present I can say I’m very happy with my dating life.

I have to consider myself a womanizer, but I don’t see myself as the traditional ‘player’. Normally those tend to lack emotions for women they date and conquering is only a game to be played to achieve the ultimate goal, sex.

I’m different in the sense I love women and I don’t date with sex and games in mind. I genuinely like to spend time around women. I don’t do it as a selfish game of pleasure.

I can be judged just like any other womanizer and I can’t say I’m better than anyone, I just know I’m different from the majority.

I truly hope both men and women can learn from my experience and learn more about online dating.


I’m not here to promote myself, so you won’t see pics of my face or any public social media profiles.

This isn’t about me. I accepted the challenge to write about my dating experiences to help individuals looking to improve their dating or simply entertain readers with my stories.

My origins and why I’m here

I’m from warm Southern Europe and came to London in February 2010. Since then I fell in love with the city.

The city of London offers such a variety of experiences and a perfect cultural mix, there was no chance for me not to like it. And yes, I do miss the warmer weather and Mediterranean cuisine, but that helps making a much bigger thrill when going back home.

Of course, this city is also a perfect spot for online dating. It’s so easy to keep busy and have loads of great moments in good company.

Let’s just say I won’t have any trouble finding new writing material.

About women

So often I come across rude and aggressive so called pick-up artists. If you’re looking for someone writing about how desperately women want to be treated badly and how you achieve alpha male status by doing so, sorry but my posts won’t be for you.

I love people and respecting others. My motto is “Learn to love women and appreciate everything about them”. Don’t take this wrongly, I’m not a puppy boy. If you read my posts you’ll see what I mean.

How can I help you?

Last summer alone I’ve dated over 100 girls and treated every single one of them with respect. Some still get back to me sharing the love, most of them moved on as I did not wanted a serious relationship.

Only a few girls got really upset by the fact I wasn’t up for a serious relationship. Even with those I avoided serious conflict or discussions. They ended up feeling ok about it. I don’t just achieve this by chance, I make it happen and you can learn from my experience.

My dating life also allows me to know the most amazing people and take part in fabulous experiences, such as weekends in St. Tropez, private parties in mega yachts or exploring new places and cultures.

For me this is an amazing journey that makes my life thrilling, sometimes making me feel like an alien brought from other space to explore the incredible world be live in.

I’m here to share all of this with you, just sit back and enjoy. 😉

Dating sites I use

At the moment I’m using:

  • Match.com – It’s almost impossible not to like this site. They have loads of active members, making it a perfect site to keep an active dating life. To find out more read the full review.
  • Lovestruck.com – They are a smaller community when compared to match.com, but what I like about Lovestruck is the simplicity of their website and app. It’s all easy and straight to the point. Their community is mostly based in London, which is something I really appreciate. If you’re unsure if this site is for you, read the review here.

Hopefully now you know a bit more about myself and my motivations to be here writing to you.

Thanks for reading more about me. Hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment and stick around.

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