3 simple ways to impress a lady


Planning a romantic day for the one you love is the dream of many, but achieving it is sometimes very difficult. It is very good to make your plans ahead to avoid preventable embarrassment.

For those who love to have a memorable day, there is no reason for them not to go all out and enjoy the day to the fullest; and this can only happen if proper planning has taken place. It is pertinent to note that for you to have a successful date; you must start getting your plans together as early as possible. Highlighted below are 3 things you need to do before to impress your lady:

1. Plan Night Ahead

This is one of the major things you need to do to achieve successful date. To make it perfect, you need to go out of your way to celebrate the love you have for your lover. It doesnot have to be luxurious or expensive; paying attention to details that matters to him/her and a thoughtful planning will perfect the day for you. Don’t forget that the day is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the companionship and love you share.

If you are planning to cook and not eat out, the right time for you to start your grocery shopping is now, you will not like the idea of doing this on the day. You might be thinking of ordering your groceries from your local store, start now to get it delivered at least a day before. Make sure you do all of the planning early to avoid being at a loss for what to do. Just get ready for everything.

2. Buy Original/Unexpected Gift

Go for a very unique gifts. There are a lot of gifts out there; avoid clichés, focus on something significant like heart-shaped items, chocolate and teddy bears as part of gift basket, do not forget to include things that are related to the activities, things that your partner would love to have from you. It does not have to be huge or expensive just get those things that your date might like.

Buy your lover a card or consider making one yourself, if you have the skill, with a handwritten message. A nice gift could be one or two of the following – a long-awaited novel with red ribbon tied around it, a live tiny rose plant that will let them remember you for long, a short poem you wrote yourself, etc. Make sure your gift reflect how you feel about your love.Be unique, be original andbe creative. Your gifts might be activities and not a bunch of items.

3. Order a Bouquet (Delivered With Love Message)

With beautiful flowers, you can make her heart sing. Browse extensive collection of flowers and arrange the perfect one for the love of your life. Apart from cards and chocolates, sending flowers has become widely accepted, your love will be very glad to receive a big bouquet of favourite petals from you. The right flowers at the right time can do a lot of positive things for your relationship.

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