6 Christmas dating tips

Christmas is the high season for online dating, this is the time of the year singles tend to think they’ll be much happier with a partner to share most moments with.

If you’re using an online dating service or thinking of using one during the festive season, make sure you read these simple tips to make the most of it.


So many people join online dating, but only some can succeed. Whilst the Christmas time will be busy, it doesn’t come without challenges.

  1. Get off the couch

OK, it’s that time of the year again, cold outside, lazy times spent between bed and couch are so appetizing. If you’re planning to change your single status this season you better get prepared to get wet and cold.

You need to have to will to actually meet someone and so often people tend to chat a lot online, but not actually meet during this period. That’s a big mistake.

If you have the right connection online with someone, you should meet that person sooner rather then later.

  1. Don’t be the sad story

We all know Christmas time is sometimes hard when you’re felling lonely. It’s fine if that’s your case, but avoid too much chat about it.

Unless you’re joining a chat session online for depressed Christmas lonelier, you don’t want to share your sad story with someone you haven’t even met.

You can briefly explain this time of the year is the hardest to be single, but avoid a long story on how depressed you can feel. There are better things to talk about.

  1. Be strong, not desperate

Sometimes when people join online dating during a hard time, it can be a desperate attempt to change a situation they’re not happy with.

No matter what reason brings you to online dating, you should always be strong and positive. Any desperate attempt to find love won’t probably help you in any way. You need to be rationale and take time to find the right person for you.

Despair is commonly the reason why people go on disastrous dates and start disbelieving about chances of finding love online. You can bypass this by having a positive and strong attitude towards online dating.

  1. Give yourself a chance

Online dating isn’t often quick and easy. You need to take time to give yourself the opportunity to find someone who you actually like. And there’s always the chance that person might not feel the same about you.

Traditional game of love still plays the part here and there’s nothing you can do about it. You need to take time and be open to meet some people before you can find the right one.

The more you chat and connect with others, closer you’ll be of finding someone.

  1. Don’t see this as a short term fix

If you feel you’re lonely and this cold winter you could do much better with having a partner. Be aware of the risks.

When you look at things with a short sight, you can end up having a short term fling as a result. Unless that’s what you’re after, you should ensure you can connect with someone in a meaningful way and distinguish a casual fling from a more serious relationship.

Meeting someone at their place for a romantic dinner might be tempting, but remember it can also mean things could happen too soon. While you can have a good time, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel bad and guilty about it afterwards.

Sometimes it’s best to takes things slowly and wait until both sides are happy to take things forward. That’s how most serious relationships start.

  1. It’s not one of your New Year’s resolutions

When you’re building your New Year’s resolution list, make sure you don’t add ‘finding a new partner’ next to ‘losing weight by getting fitter’.

Whilst this might look good on paper, finding someone special in your life shouldn’t be a goal itself. The goal might be looking for it using online dating, but not finding a man/woman.

The reason for not setting this goal it’s because you’ll find yourself trapped in trying really hard to date and find that someone as soon as you can so you can complete your goal.

Love doesn’t come easy and you should refrain from having the pressure to find it. You just need to set the right path to help this become a reality, not judge your success or failure by when or how you achieve it.

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