Dating in London: 11 things you must know

London is a fabulous city, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re new to the city, you’ll soon find out there’s so much to do, you’ll never get bored.

And what about dating? How is it like to date in London?

London busy skyscraper

In case you’re single and living in the city, you have no excuses not to be dating as London is one of the best cities there is to explore the dating scene.

In fact, there are so many dating opportunities, you might end up tempted to try a few . But be careful, there are some things you should know before you dive into the immersive world of dating.

#1 – You have to be positive

Dating in London can be a daunting experience. Whilst the city offers great opportunities to meet the right one, you need to be realistic and patient. Love won’t probably happen overnight.

You’ll probably hear loads of bad stories about dating in the city, but don’t take them by heart. As much as you will know or go thought dreadful experiences, keep positive as there are also plenty of love stories.

#2 – Focus, focus and more focus

London is a very large big, with a population of over 8 million people you can expect to find all kinds of individuals, from different backgrounds and looking for different things.

When dating in London you need to make sure you get your head around what you want from dating. Joining a few dating sites and chatting to everybody might sound interesting for a while, but without a clear focus, you’ll end up frustrated and without time, energy and motivation to keep it going.

Deciding if you want casual dating, serious relationship and so forth is crucial for your success. And, of course, use you’re profile to let others know what you’re after, be straightforward.

#3 – Free can get nasty

This is particularly for girls. If you’re a girl looking to find your next boyfriend and you decide to join free dating sites, be aware of how nasty it can get.

The nature of free dating is unfortunately mass communities looking for easy way to date and reach their goals fast. This sentence might need some explanation, what we mean to say is, so often men will be looking for sexting, sex or casual hook ups and they can be very straightforward (say rude).

If you’re the kind of girl who feel it’s not normal, or not even marginally acceptable, to get a message asking for nude pictures or sex, then you should consider paid dating sites over free ones.

Support and overall control over shady users is greatly improved when using paid services, there’s no doubt about that. And the obvious, men looking for easy sex won’t probably spend money in online dating.

#4 – Check and re-check

London is a very competitive city in many sense and online dating is no exception. People go online seeking for attention and some go beyond acceptable means to grab it.

If not experienced in online dating you might read it as a shock if we say some members would use photos from 5 years ago or even use pictures from someone else, just to get to you.

It does happen and again, this warning is more for girls. From our experience users use deceiving or fake photos on profiles are mostly men.

So before you move to an actual date, make sure the person behind the screen looks just like the one you see in the photos. Two easy ways to do this, is asking for a sheltie, assuming you are already chatting on mobile phone, or requesting a new photo to be added to their profile.

#5 – Play safe

When dating online you need to be aware that there are some risks involved. Keeping a sharp eye is very important to avoid scams and troubles.

If you are planning you’re first date, make sure some of your friends know where you’re going and also make it a public safe place.

#6 – Can be expensive

London is a brilliant vibrant city, but all the buzz can come at high price tag. When dating in London be sure you know your financial limits and plan ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Sometime it’s fantastic to be spontaneous and just try the fancy bar just around the corner. If you do it, just make sure you have a clue on what you’re getting into, otherwise you might soon be regretting your decision.

#7 – Weather is unpredictable

From the glorious British weather you can expect four seasons in one day, that’s to say, there’s nothing predictable about it. When thinking of a spot to meet your next date, make sure you don’t plan too much based on weather forecast.

You should have a back-up plan, rather than relying on 5 days forecast saying the Sun will shine over the city. That might suddenly change and ruin your plans for the day.

#8 – Almost no one drives

London transportation is ruled by the oldest and biggest tube network in world and hopefully that means you can easily get from A to B.

Whilst you’ll see London public roads packed, with car jams probably everywhere, stop thinking everyone drives in the city, that’s far from the truth. Actually, most Londoners use public transportation, cycle, get cabs or Uber to get where they want.

When dating you need to respect other person timings and be sure spot is convenient for both. Most people will have a travel monthly card allowing them to move freely around town, but moving to suburbs can be a different story.

#9 – Many shades

We don’t want to say people in London lie a lot, that’s probably not fair on most, but the fact is so often people have many shades. When dating in London you need to ‘keep it real’ and take time to know your dating partner.

London is full of surprises and so can your new partner be.

#10 – You’ll find your type

There’s probably not a single type of person you won’t be able to find in London. The city is huge (and expanding) and you’ll find individuals for all tastes.

If you’re a vegan into dub reggae and thinking you’ll never find your soul mate, London will most surely prove you wrong.

#11 – Online Dating is a must

For the big finale, we have to say London is all about dating. With dating apps and websites booming and constant people moving to the city, there’s no shortage of dating.

Online dating is really what makes things move and happen so quickly nowadays. The internet changed (and keeps changing) our world in so many ways and dating was completely revolutionised by the digital era.

So if you’re thinking about dating in London, be prepared to become member of one, or some, online dating sites.

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