A Guide to Dating in Summer

With the sun beginning to re-appear and our seasonal wardrobes coming to the forefront, it’s clear that summer is on its way.

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Summer is an exciting time for any stage in a relationship – there are more interesting first date options, there are beautiful rooftop bars for those special couple occasions and lots of fun outdoor events.

Sometimes, with there being so many options, it can be tough to workout where to start. Therefore, have a look over this summer dating guide and make the most of this fun and flirty season!

It’s a great season for meeting someone

Yes, it’s true – summer is the best time to be single and ready to mingle. There are more opportunities to go out and socialise, the drinks are flowing and people are just generally in a better mood and more open. In winter, we like to snuggle in warm clothes and spend the evenings in eating.

However, summer is the time people like to go out and feel good about themselves, whether that’s hitting the gym or topping up a tan. So, put on your best outfit, and go out and enjoy the sun (and some potential new company)!

It’s a great season for first dates

A first date can always be quite tense because it feels serious. However, the one thing summer is anything but is serious. It’s the season to have a laugh and chill out with your mates (or other half).

So, if you have a first date coming up, here are some ways to make it work with this summer weather:

Rooftop bars

You can’t go wrong with these. Rather than a dinner in a cramped restaurant, away from the windows, invest in a trip to a beautiful rooftop bar (London is littered with them). Book in early to get a seat by the window or, if the weather permits it, outside near the railing and take in the stunning views over a drink or two.

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Activity time

A lot of people worry that they won’t have a great deal to talk about on a first date. However, a little trick to make it easier is to couple it up with an activity so all your attention isn’t just on the conversation (and it gives you something to laugh about). Pedalos in the park, mini golf, cycling and picnic are just a few ideas.


Summer is the time that the markets open up and streets are lined with fun and tasty stalls. This is great for a first date because it’s not too expensive, the atmosphere is incredibly lively and you aren’t tied down to a set time. Not working out? Have your drink and call it a night. Having a great time? Stroll along to another stall for some food and another drink.

It’s a great season for eventful dates

Alongside summer comes lighter evenings, warmer weather and a lot more exciting events. These are great when it comes to dating because it can add some excitement and a little variety…

Open air performances

Any theatre trip can be great to see a little culture but in summer the open-air performances are amazing. There’s an atmosphere of fun and you can kick back with some drinks, enjoy the sunset and watch some good old-fashioned entertainment!


Whether this is music, street parades or food, there are so many festivals in the summer. These are great fun because of the wide variety and add something different than just a sit-down dinner.

Sporting events

The horse-races, Wimbledon, polo, boat races…never goes down better than a fancy outfit, some drinks flowing and community cheer as everyone gathers together for a group trip! What’s more, this can be a great opportunity to mingle your other half with your friends and to take the pressure off these meetings.

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It’s a great season for taking the next step

While any time of the year is brilliant to take that next step, the summer season is particularly notable. Why? Because it’s that holiday season. Going on your first proper holiday together as a couple – not just a weekend away, not just a quick break to the country – is a big deal. There is a lot of planning, compromise, sharing and communication that is involved. However, it is also a great test to see how your relationship will do with this intense living situation.

If a holiday together is something that you are considering, check out our article ‘The First Holiday’ to help with your next steps.

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