How to get a second date – 10 killer moves

Landing the first date isn’t that hard. Save for time constraints and finding the right words to get him or her to say yes. You may go home feeling as if you are on top of the world but the truth is, seducing a girl to join you on a first date is the easiest thing anyone can do.


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In most cases, a girl will say yes to your first date request is she likes you, and she wants to size you up! So, don’t cry wolf when she bails out of a second date. Harsh, but true! This means that everything you do, what you wear, how you talk, and what you talk about will determine if she wants to go on a second date with you.

With these in mind, it no longer feels like a walk in the park, does it? Well then, it’s time to work on your skills. What should you do to land a second and a third date?

1. Make the first date great/ memorable

Forget what your boys told you, first impressions matter to all girls.  A girl may not remember everything you say on a first date, but she will recall how you made her feel. If you turn off a girl on the first date or you turn out to be plain boring, there will be no second date.

The things that will turn off your date include poor hygiene and grooming, oversharing, being unable to hold your booze, getting into the interview mode and being too needy. It’s the first encounter, lock away your poor habits! Charm your girl and be on your best behavior.

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2. Chat for at least a week before the first date

Though the second date feels like it is eons away, it isn’t, and everything you do before and during the first date will determine if you get a second date. Chatting long before the first official date determines if there is a connection or not. If you walk into a coffee date with a stranger, there is a 99 percent chance you won’t connect instantly. Lack of an emotional connection (chemistry) is the main reason why most men don’t get second dates.

3. Keep the first date cheap and go for dinner

This may sound like the kind of advice you get from your grandma but, you have to go for dinner rather than drinks on the first date. You may want to dine expensively but looking at statistics, people who go out for cheap first dates have a higher chance of landing a second chance easily.

4. Bring a sexual vibe on the table

Traditional women wouldn’t have any of this but, modern women are upfront about their sexual desires. While you may think of it as respectful to hold off the sexual vibe until you get the OK signal, women find it painfully boring when you beat around the bush waiting for the green light.

You should, however, maintain some level of balance – you don’t want to come off as an individual obsessed with sex or someone who is too desperate. You should be comfortable giving sexual compliments but, don’t go on and on about how you’d like to be in bed with her.

5. Keep some cards up your sleeve

The most powerful element in all the history of seduction is mystery.  Even though you feel as if you have found the one, you shouldn’t lay all the cards on the table. Why is this? By being too open, the woman feels as if she knows everything about you so, why should she feel enthusiastic about a second date?

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6. Escalate

The key to a successful first date and an actual second date is being interesting. Your role is to build the attraction. Make your date laugh and use all your charm but don’t let your stories and charm lose taste within minutes. Every girl on a date will ask herself ‘where is this going?’.

Men, even though they won’t pose this question out loud, don’t get comfortable with one place. Keep things moving forward but don’t rush too fast into touching and kissing. You don’t want to look like a creep, do you?

7. Watch the signs

If there is zero attraction, you argue within the first few minutes, and either of you keeps yawning while looking out the street, then, it won’t work. If you can’t communicate on the first date and talk about things that are of interest to the two of you, then, you shouldn’t waste each other’s time.

8. Share short life stories

If you want her to go on a second date with you, make the first date interesting by avoiding interview-like questions. Instead, have something like a 1.5 or 2-minute stories where you each share little stories about each other. Since the stories are specific, perhaps about your family, your experiences and your travel adventures, it makes a date interesting.

9. Share your passions

Most of the time, we overlook this important feature. If you are looking for a second and a possible third date, then you share what you love – not sex. Sharing information about something you love makes your eyes light up naturally and you look happy, interesting and that will easily get you out of the friend-zone.

Even when your day job is boring, there is something you love to do, used to do or would love to do. Just share your passion!

10. Follow up

It doesn’t have to be a serious or a sex talk. After the date, send her a text letting her know that you had a good time. You may mention your interest in participating in a specific event or activity. She is likely to say ‘yes’ to the next date if you are specific and genuine.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not. You just need to enjoy yourself and create unique memories on the first date.

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