Kiss on the first date. Should you?

couple kissing on the street

It’s crucial to get the first date right. It’s your best chance of making a great impression and if you want to keep things going, you have to make your first date a good one.

One of the most common questions about the first date is “should I kiss?”. Whilst we feel there’s no easy answer to this question, you probably want to kiss on your first date.

We’re giving you 4 reasons why you should kiss on your first date and also 1 why you shouldn’t.

4 reasons why you should kiss on the first date

#1. Make it memorable

Giving a proper kiss will help you making the date more memorable. Kissing might be the main difference between your date and others the person you’re dating might have.

Kissing will always feel like there’s more to the date then just meeting each other. It will get the first date onto another level and that will get you much better chances of staying on your date’s mind.

#2. Show you’re interested

By kissing you’re showing the other person you’re interested. So often people end dates without having the chance to say or show they are happy to keep on dating and try to move further.

If you kiss, that’s a great way of showing you’re willing to give a go.

#3. Get a second date

If you fancy the person you’ve just met and you want to move on to a second date, then you should kiss. That improves your chances of meeting that person again by a big margin.

The kiss is the first logical step in any relationship, by kissing you’re giving a great indication you want to go for another date.

#4. Make it or break it

At the end of a first date, sometimes you can feel insecure about how the other person feels about you.

If you’re the type of person who don’t want to go home with doubts troubling your mind, then you should go for a kiss. If it doesn’t go well, at least you can say you’ve tried and left no doubts in your mind.

When you find yourself in this situation, you want to make sure you leave a kiss for last. You don’t want to make the date awkward by trying to kiss someone and getting rejected. If you do get rejected, you want to say ‘bye’ as soon as you can.

In case it goes well, it’s a wonderful way to end the date.

One reason why you should not kiss

There are many reason not to kiss, for e.g., some people think kissing on a first date is a sign of being too easy, others feel one date isn’t enough to prove you like someone enough to kiss, etc.

Assuming you’re a person willing to kiss on a first date, there’s one main reason not to do it.

If there’s no chemistry

The basic requirement for a kiss is chemistry. It doesn’t matter how big it is, but you need at least some connection between you and the person you’re dating to make kissing a logical option.

We know this might sound too basic, but here we’re not talking about when you don’t want to kiss because you don’t fancy the other person. That’s too obvious you won’t be kissing if you don’t want to.

We’re talking about when you want but you don’t get clear signs the other person doesn’t want to. Remember, chemistry is about connection between the 2.

Sometimes individuals ignore clear signs the other person doesn’t fancy them. On a first date, signs like people not making conversation at all, constantly looking at the watch, or looking at the phone every 2mins are clear indicators that the person you’re dating isn’t attracted to you.

When that’s the case, we feel you shouldn’t make things awkward by trying to kiss. So often the date is already a bit on the awkward path since you’re probably the one trying to make the date a good one.

This goes especially for guys, normally they can get really excited about kissing and ignore all the indications why they shouldn’t.

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