London Date Ideas Girls Love (Part 1)

So you’ve made it through the first encounter, you’ve been messaging back and forth, and finally, you’ve made the move and asked for the first date. She said yes. Great, sorted, it at all ends there right?

girl holding light balls

Unfortunately not and at the risk of adding more pressure to the situation, the first date matters. Just like first impressions are important, the first date sets the tone and intentions for the rest of the (hopefully) relationship.

Luckily, first dates don’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, done right and they are incredibly exciting and enjoyable – don’t mind the nerves, they’re normal and show you care. However, to make it slightly easier for you, here is Part 1 of a list of some of the top first date ideas that girls – and guys – love. Just bear in mind that everything on this list is subjective and mainly based on popular opinion – never underestimate the power of trusting your own intuition. If you think she might like something, go for it!

If you’re looking for…

…a chilled date

An oldie but a goldie – drinks. Sometimes, rushing straight to a sit down dinner can be a little intimidating. With drinks, there is no time limit. If the date is going well, you don’t have to be presented with the dinner bill crossroads moment. If it’s not, drinks allow you to finish your glass and politely move along. What’s more, it allows time to chat and focus on each other while sitting in an atmospheric room.

  • Easy way to prolong the evening or make a polite escape
  • Opportunity to chat without feeling exposed
  • Doesn’t have to be too expensive
  • There are so different bars with various themes and quirks, you’ll easily find one you both like
  • News flash, girls like to offer to pay – it allows them the opportunity to decline your offer and get the next round
Things to keep in mind
  • Depending on what night you go out on, some bars can be packed and you may end up standing awkwardly by the bar being knocked every five minutes. See if you can find somewhere that lets you book
Potential hotspots  (££)

The Anthologist
Gordon’s Wine Bar
The Escapologist

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…an adventurous date

We’re not talking being whisked to Paris on the first evening (but now that you mention it…) or climbing up Kilimanjaro (save that for the proposal). No, what we mean is: you have a body of water nearby – what about a rowing boat, kayaks or renting pedalos? She likes cars – ever considered go karting? Live in the beautiful countryside – a sunset hike? Or maybe, for a happy medium, mini golf can never go amiss. For these options, bonus points if you pack a picnic.

  • Great for nerves or worried about conversation because you are partly focused on something else
  • They can be a great laugh
  • By preparing a picnic afterwards, you have the chance to sit back and chat about your day
Things to keep in mind
  • More out there then drinks, a lot of these can be a personal preference so do make sure she’s keen for this
  • Depending on what you choose, it can be more expensive
Potential hotspots (£-£££)

Hyde Park – The Serpentine
Swingers Golf
UK Go Karting

…a personal date

For this, it’s hard to give definite examples because funnily enough, it’s personal. To really show your interest and how much effort you are willing to put in, a personal date tailored to a passion she has is a great idea. She likes animals = the zoo or maybe a visit to Battersea dogs home. She is sporty = her favourite team are playing a match that you can get tickets for. She is into drama = you’ve read a five star review and got tickets for the show.

  • You can’t get many more points for a first date than one like this
  • It shows you listen
  • She will be having the best time
  • It’s usually an activity so you can be distracted and will hide your nerves
Things to keep in mind
  • Don’t go overboard – you don’t want to scare her away as this type is more expensive
  • Don’t take one comment she said once as a reason for why to plan a certain date – make sure she loves it
  • Some of these you may have to book in advance or are date dependent so she may not be free on that specific day

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