London Date Ideas Girls Love (Part 2)

Following on from our recent post of Date Ideas Girls Love (part 1), this list presents you with more variety to choose from. Helpfully separated in themes, it can be used to point you in the right direction when it comes to that first meeting. However, these should not just be limited to ‘first date’ ideas. All of the points mentioned are great when implemented at any point in the relationship, especially if you find yourselves meeting up at the same restaurant and want a break from the norm. So, what other date options are there that you might not have considered?

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Unfortunately not and at the risk of adding more pressure to the situation, the first date matters. Just like first impressions are important, the first date sets the tone and intentions for the rest of the (hopefully) relationship.

Luckily, first dates don’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, done right and they are incredibly exciting and enjoyable – don’t mind the nerves, they’re normal and show you care. However, to make it slightly easier for you, here is Part 1 of a list of some of the top first date ideas that girls – and guys – love. Just bear in mind that everything on this list is subjective and mainly based on popular opinion – never underestimate the power of trusting your own intuition. If you think she might like something, go for it!

If you’re looking for…

…a romantic date

No boom boxes outside her window or roses in the mouth please. This is perhaps more for further down the line but when you wish to impress her and show her that yes, there is this romantic Casanova side to you. The key thing to remember is to not push it overboard. A lot of people can find it uncomfortable and bridging on the side of cheesy if there’s too much romance flying around the place. Instead some great ideas that get the balance just right include: if it’s a beautiful day, rent bicycles.

Know of an impressive restaurant (Sky Garden etc) then book a table – sometimes, breakfast can be the most romantic without being over the top. A trip to the fair is always fun and drinks at a jazz club that ends in dancing can never go amiss.

  • They are usually more fun and exciting in nature
  • It shows that you are willing to effort into the time you spend with her
  • The options are endless and if it goes well, don’t be afraid to explore more on the list
Things to keep in mind
  • There is a line so make sure you don’t go overboard – don’t try to squeeze loads in at one time
  • These are generally day time dates
Potential hotspots  (££-£££)

Duck and Waffle
Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club
Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

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…a cultured date

These are great if you’re talking and, oh hey, you’re both into the same thing. Those kinds of moments are brilliant when used to form a date because you know you are not only going to enjoy yourselves but capitalising on something you have in common will only bring you closer. These also provoke conversation and engagement which are the main goals of any date.

Possible destinations include certain landmarks depending on where you are based. Gardens, exhibitions and art galleries are also great. Take a look at the Tate Lates as these are great evening visits that feature pop up bars – perfect for a date scenario.

  • Will help with the conversation
  • Can show another side to you
  • It’s a great chance to get educated on something together
Things to keep in mind
  • Some of these may require tickets so make sure you have sorted this beforehand
Potential hotspots (££)

Tate Lates (Southbank is great anyway)
Outdoor Performances (The Globe)

…a day date

Day dates always seem to get a bad rep – more intense, harder to judge the time span and what on earth do you wear? We think it’s mainly because it’s more difficult to drink away the nerves on these ones. However, if the evenings don’t seem to be working out and day dates are the only option, don’t fret! Sometimes a stroll around a beautiful park or national trust location can be a perfect solution – if it’s sunny, bring a picnic; if it’s the colder months then there’s nothing better than a crisp day outdoors rounded up with a hot chocolate at an intimate boutique cafe. Other ideas include brunch (and you can get bottomless on this if you think it will help), a matinée performance (cheaper) or depending on where you are, the beach.

  • These are fun activities that don’t mean you have to just sit opposite each other and try to think of things to say
  • It can be quite cheap if you plan it right
Things to keep in mind
  • Give her an inkling of what you have planned so she knows what outfit she needs to sort
  • Being outside and doing things all day can be draining so factor in stops – maybe even chilled evening drinks at the end
Potential hotspots (£-£££)

Flight Club or Bounce
Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Any National Trust spot

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