How to Step Up your Dating Game in the New Year

The New Year is a great time for a reassessment – you look back on all you achieved in the year previous and all that you want to be in the year ahead. We set resolutions and we list our goals that we aim to stick to. Among those, is probably one to do with your love life and a new year can feel like a fresh start, where you take forward everything you have learnt.

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So, to make sure you put your best foot forward, how do you step up your dating game this New Year?

1) Take advantage of the January hype

This is the paradoxical month where many people either find it dismal and depressing with its post-Christmas wet weather while others use it as the month of goals and self-improvement. To really be your best self, take a leaf out of the latter’s book and set yourself some hard tasks like Dry January or Veganuary.

Whatever it is, having a self-improvement goal set enables you to stay in the positive and focused mind-set which will then filter into your working and personal life. Nothing feels as good as achieving something difficult and you can go into the rest of the year with a confident and self-assured demeanour to help your dating game.

2) Work it out

If you feel good, it shows. It filters into your confidence levels, your mood, the way you hold yourself. If you feel happy and good about the way you look then this can make you infinitely more attractive. Therefore, try and stay on the fitness path as much as you can. It’s not so much about achieving a particular look but more about the confidence this gives you.

We all know that when we’ve had a month of boozing, bad food, sleepless nights and little exercise, we feel disgusting and don’t really want anyone to look at us. Instead, do yourself a favour and put your best foot forward (literally).

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3) Learn and improve

Looking back on last year, was it your self-consciousness on the dates that let you down? Or perhaps you realise you didn’t get the hang of this whole texting thing and let things fizzle? Whatever it was last year that led to an unsuccessful year of love, acknowledge it and build on it this year. Force yourself to do it over and over again until you become comfortable.

4) Out with the Old

A lot of people note that one of their biggest dating issues is being unable to find someone. So, what do we say? Try something new. You can meet people anywhere but why not make it fun and rewarding at the same time.

You could look at joining a theatre company like you always wanted and you would be surprised at the whole new crowd of people you will meet. Or maybe look at fun speed dating events for a laugh with your mates that could also potentially lead to something.

5) Have an early Spring clear out

Time to be honest with yourself – is one of the reasons your dating game was lacking last year because there was a certain someone you should have cut off and didn’t? It’s completely normal to hold onto that one person for now and then because they offer comfort when you feel lonely (even though you know it’s wrong).

However, that same person is probably preventing you from getting out there and meeting someone new. If they’re not right for you, time to do a clear out.

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6) Be a little more of a Yes Man

Of course, only say yes when appropriate but this mind-set could really help you to step out of your comfort zone. Perhaps the idea of speed dating sounds terrifying to you – well guess what, if it scares you then it’s probably worth a try.

Regardless of whether it is a success or not, the fact that you did it will boost your confidence and you’ll find yourself becoming more and more eager to live outside your safe zone – what’s the worst that can happen?

7) Resolution: worry less

It’s what it says on the tin. Don’t care so much or worry about how you look/talk/act etc. Just have confidence in what you’re doing and the rest will come. It can be incredibly liberating and eye opening to actually feel comfortable being yourself.

So here’s to dating in 2018 – make it the best year yet!

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