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In case you didn’t know, the free app that took over the singles (or not) mobile world by offering the quickest and easy way to connect with local singles is not completely free anymore.

Tinder grew to over 50 millions users in less than 3 years. This impressive growth came from 3 main premises:

  • Offering quick, fun, easy and innovative way to connect singles
  • Allowing to match, chat, date with people near your location
  • Being absolutely free (and no ads)

The app really brought some thing innovate and unique to the dating world. Part of the reason it impressed entire nations comes from the fact it was totally free and free from ads too.

If you think for a minute, that’s brilliant for the user. Being able to connect with local singles on the go for free and not even being annoyed by banner ads. That’s amazing, but normally doesn’t last forever.

With such a successful app, sooner or later money needs to come into question and Tinder founders have been working on ways to monetize the app for a while now.

That time has come.

What’s Tinder Plus?

The app works pretty much the same way it always did with the difference you have to pay to get premium features and use app without any limitations.

Here’s what you get from Tinder Plus:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Rewind (users can go back to last swipe)
  • Passport (users can set a different location from where there are)

We have to say these are nice add-ons to the app. There’s a good reason why Tinder team selected these features, they were requested by users. Smart move to listen to those requests now the app has moved into the ‘pay to get more’ world.

Now the question is, how much does this cost to users?

How much does it cost?

This is when trouble starts. Tinder team isn’t being particularly transparent and straight on how much do users have to pay for the Plus.

Even on their website, there’s no mentioning to pricing at all. They’ve posted on their blog about the launch of the new version of the app, but never mentioned anything about prices.

That’s very shady to say the least. The app is turning more and more onto a dodgy dating app and they can only blame themselves.

Even when you see details of the app on your mobile, there are different descriptions for App Store and Play Store.

tinder prices on IOS

Tinder Plus prices on IOS

tinder info on android

Tinder information on Android










On the App Store they show prices ranging from £1.49 to £14.99, whilst on Play Store they show from as little as £0.62 to £12.43.

Very confusing and makes it sound like there wasn’t proper planning behind this big change.

Here’s what we know

We’ve tested the app with users over 30 years old and under 25 from both Android and Apple IOS devices to see if there was any differences in prices charged. And there were.

Our test was conducted with users from London and that’s the city where they use Tinder the most.

We all know younger users often don’t have the financial freedom to afford pricey apps. But is this fair or logical? We don’t think so. They can easily turn the app into a bunch of youngsters not looking for dating, but instead just spend tedious times matching and chatting about their sex needs.

If you’re expecting to make a one off payment, forget it. Like most dating services Tinder Plus is offered on a monthly subscription that you can cancel at anytime.

Here are some of the prices we’ve seen

For Android users:

  • Under 25 to pay £7.43 per month
  • Over 30 to pay £12.43 per month

For Apple IOS users:

  • Under 25 to pay £3.99 per month, but we also saw £10.99 per month
  • Over 30 to pay £14.99

From our test sounds like there are significant differences, not only by age groups, but also by the devices used. Since the app runs without problems on several devices for the same user you might be stuck with a higher price if you chose to login on the wrong device.

So far prices don’t make any sense. There aren’t consistent, logic and don’t look fair either.

Tinder Plus; If you’re over 30, you can pay over 3x more than someone under 25. Click To Tweet

Deciding to apply a tiered price by age it’s a bold move that can be seen as an unfair discrimination.

We don’t feel this is a good idea in any way and just makes the app less worthy.

What do still get for free?

Now that the app has gone premium the question is, what do you still get for free?

It’s not too bad. From our tests you can like around 100 users after which you’ll be asked to pay or wait 12:00:00 hours to swipe more.

tinder blocked after 100 likes

After around 100 likes

This means you can still match (with limitations), message and date, which is good.

But the best part might exactly come from these limitations. As most of you know, the app has been seen by many as a ‘hook up’ app, where users are often shady or even rude. Often girls complain about men being rude on the app.

The free nature of the app made it so easy for everyone to get in, match, chat, ask for sex and move on that made it look like a ‘non-serious dating’ app.

Now with these new limits on ‘likes’ it’s likely for this scenario to change. Users would often get loads of matches only to contact some of them, or would simply write a couple of messages and forget about it. With limits in place, users might actually make a bigger effort to chat with the matches they’ve got.

It’s still early days to say if this is happening or even to know if Tinder will keep the free version so ‘open’.

There’s always a good chance they add more limitations in the future to guarantee more value to paid users.

The big question. Should you pay?

If you’re over 30

If you’re reading this and you’re over 30, welcome to the age where you pay more for trendy apps (in our opinion you shouldn’t).

What you get for paying over £10 a month isn’t that impressive.

Unless you are an absolute fan of the app and you have loads your time to use it, there’s no point on paying for the Plus version of the app.

If you’re serious about dating and want a way more complete dating service, we suggest you look at Match.com or Lovestruck.com, where you’ll have both website & app full of useful dating tools and serious community.

For free you can still like around 200 users per day (100 in the morning and 100 more 12:00:00 hours later). That’s not too bad and still offers a good chance of free dating.

Limitations for the free service might change in the future as we feel Tinder founders may realize users are getting too much from the free version. But for now, the free is still good enough for most.

If you’re under 25

We feel the paid option isn’t one to disregard for users lucky enough to get the £3.99 a month price.

For that price, being able to use the app with no limitations, plus adding a couple of good features it’s not a bad deal.

In case you like the app a lot and are the type to ‘abuse’ on ‘likes’, you’re probably find the paying price is worth it. On top of that you get the ‘rewind’ and ‘passport’ features, which can really add some coolness to the app.

Another thing to consider is you can’t easily find a decent dating app, or join a good dating site for that price, making Tinder Plus a good option.

Just remember, time spent on the app counts the most. Don’t pay if you’re not planning to use the app that much. You need to spend a good deal of hours a day on the app to make the paid version worthwhile.

If you’re between 25 and 30

Prices were so crazy different in these price range that we can’t even say how much would it cost you.

We would like to see Tinder team being much more open and honest about their prices.

Things you should be aware of


Tinder needs to consider improving their support and making the app less ‘scamy’.

They’re still quite exposed to the ‘pretty and sexy’ girl scams, where fake profiles show a pretty girl who will offer you no less than the change to see her on cam or join her for sex.

So far we can say this is still going on and it’s definitely a bigger annoyance now for Tinder Plus users.

Adverts to come?

If we look at the features promised for the Plus version we can read “Turn Off Ads”. Whilst for the time being we haven’t seen any ads running of the free version of the app, this indicated it might not be the case in the future.

Apparently they are planning to add adverts to the free version. In what extend and format they’ll implement this change is yet to be heard or seen. But as you can see below, they even mention this might happen in their “Terms of Use”.

tinder terms of use

Tinder Terms of Use

Seems like they’re keeping major changes to themselves until the last minute. Things that influence user experience, enjoyment and cost, should be openly and timely communicated. Not doing so only helps degrading the image of the app.

Clever tactics

Tinder is using a clever tactic to make the paid version more desirable to users.

When you reach your ‘likes’ limit you’ll still see a profile picture on the background ready to be swiped, but you won’t be able to like it, only dislike. In case you have that beautiful person showing, you’ll always wonder how good would be to match him/her.

To make it even more tempting (say frustrating), you can’t simply wait for the 11:25:00 hours to match that person as Tinder will keep automatically switching users.

This will keep happening over the ‘blockage’ period, exposing users to several different profiles they might never be able to swipe right (like) later.

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