What to talk about on a date

Any person going on a date has some natural fears about what to talk and avoid awkward silence. This is a very legit feeling, but resting assured you can do just fine if you plan things ahead.

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Talk about you

Boasting and being cocky isn’t a good thing, especially if you’re still getting to know the person you’re dating. Some people tend to sell themselves a lot but just talking about how good they are at something, whilst others avoid it like a plague with the fear they’ll sound silly.

The middle ground here is the key, you want to talk about you without wanting to find ways of selling yourself. Try just saying what you enjoy doing and why, even if you have some things you’re not so good at, but that you like you should be open to talk about them.

Talk about your date

Ask questions and just like you talk about you, remember to ask questions. For example, if you say “I love watching TV series”, you will want to share your top TV series and ask the person the same thing.

A question is always a great way to break silence too. Whilst it can be a weird to break a moment of silence with “I’m so good at football, you can’t imagine”, it works quite well doing it with a question.

Easy talk, easy wins

So many people get stuck in dates because they want to talk about complex and highly sided things. If, for example you say you love your country leader and start talking about how much good he’s done to your country, you’ll probably ending up having to explain further about your political views and you might have unnecessary clash with your date.

Easy talk is a much better way of telling more about yourself and learning about the other person. Of course, once in a relationship with someone there will be long and deep talks, that’s should be left for when that time comes.

Hobbies and interests

Always a must and nothing to leave aside. Talking about hobbies and interests is a great way of finding out what you and your date like and dislike. Sometimes this talk can be a ‘turn off’ if you realise your date has nothing but completely opposite tastes.

No matter how different you and your date could be, you should never stop talking and showing interest for what he/she likes. It might be something new to you or something you can learn more about. Take the differences into your advantage and ask questions about things you don’t know much about.

Daily life

Another important talk to have is about your daily lives. Whilst this is something we normally have similar answers to, as most of us work from 9am till 5pm, you might be surprise to find out your date has some other habits.

If you have things you do quite a lot you should let your date know. It’s important to find connections in simple daily activities. This kind of talk often also reveals how much time and effort people can put into a new relationship.


Everyone likes hearing compliments. Some people won’t admit, but we all do like it. It’s always good to make genuine compliments. If you look at the other person and particularly like his/her hair colour or style. You should mention it in a natural and nice way.

Just don’t fore a compliment. Most probably the other person will notice you’re trying hard to pull off something to make you look good. A compliment should come easy and naturally.

Don’t overdo compliments. If you keep repeating yourself saying how beautiful he/she is, that’s not going to make you earn any more points. By doing that you’ll be showing lack of confidence.

Rule of the thumb, one or 2 compliments are fine.


Yes, traveling is a great theme. Even if you don’t travel much, most people love doing it and this is a subject where most people can spend long hours talking about.

This subject is a great one if you want to entertain your date for long hours. Talking about best places in the world, last or next trip, will certainly keep you both entertained.

A few people won’t talk about travel if they don’t have some exciting stories to talk about. That’s a mistake, always remember a date isn’t only about you and what you’ve done. You can ask what trips the other person did and you can also say what traveling you want to do. You don’t need to be the super cool traveller all the time.

Close people in your life

This is also something great to talk about. If you have close family and friends, you should definitely talk about them. This is a great way of showing more about you and the people you love being surrounded by and will allow your date to understand you better.

If you have pets, you probably consider them so close that you should share as well. Just be careful with being over obsessed with your pet. Watching you showing off pics of your pet and constantly talking about him might be acceptable among your friends, but not to someone you’re still getting to know.

Talk about pets and people, but don’t do it in a way where you don’t pay attention to your date. Always listen too, to what pets and people are more important to him/her.


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