3 mistakes men make in relationships

We all make mistakes, and when it comes to relationships both genders fail to deliver a number of things that might break a connection.

Here we share 3 of the most common mistakes men make in relationships.

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  1. Sex

Every decent relationship should have good sex life between partners. Often men treat women like objects and even in a serious relationship they forget how their partner needs are important, which means sex is normally controlled by his will and needs.

This is a huge mistake. Women often get frustrated with a partner who only does sex in his terms. This can be a big turn off, often constraining sexual exploration and creativity.

Repeatedly men don’t see this mistake and they end up trying to fill their sexual desires outside the relationship. They find themselves trapped in a dull sexual life, but can’t always see they’ve created the trap themselves.

Unconscious of their mistakes, men don’t try involving partner by making sex an enjoyable experience for both.

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  1. Time with mates

Whilst spending time with friends can be great and can actually help a relationship, taking it too far might also destroy it. Men tend to take their ‘free’ time with mates to an extreme, where they need to go to all drinks and nights out they can.

Going out too much without your partner means men are leaving less time to spend with their partners, which leads to less intricate connection and often lack of ability to have great times with partner.

Men need to be reminded they can keep their friends and have freedom to a certain level. But once in a serious relationship they should also make an effort to include the partner in their fun activities.

Time spent with partners should never be confined to couch, bed and some dining out. Good mates are those who men should be introducing their loved ones to and allow building new ways of interacting with mates and girlfriend.

  1. Not taking initiative

Unlike in sex, men tend not to take much initiative to do new or different things with their partners. Most women like being surprised and like a man who takes initiative and suggest doing something they might enjoy.

Men forget this basic element of a relationship by not suggesting new things to do. They are often happy with the routine and stick with repeating a few activities over and over.

Not to day going to cinema every week is a bad thing, but suggesting a weekend trip or offering a SPA day treat can add much more to it.

It can be really frustrating for women to be watching partner’s inertia. It’s not uncommon to see women taking way more initiate then men when it comes to making things happen.

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