3 mistakes women make in relationships

Women, today, messed up their relationships because of simple mistakes that may have been avoided. There are more stories of shattered relationship everywhere in the world.

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It is a common phenomenon among women today to wait until something goes wrong in their relationship before they try to fix it. Nobody is faultless, but there are some avoidable mistakes that have more terrible consequences on relationship than others.

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Break ups are caused from either hidden or obvious mistakes that are made in the relationship. Women have tendency of making men feel better in their relationship; it comes with their mothering, nurturing and femininity. It is pertinent to note that every man needs a desirable partner. The question is why does it have to be so difficult for some women to keep a long lasting relationship? The simple answer lies in these 3 mistakes women make in their relationship:

  1. Many Women Want Their Men to Read Their Mind

This might sound very funny, but that is the truth; there are many men who have been married for so long but who still struggle to know her woman’s thought or what she is communicating non-verbally, it is very common among men. Even sometimes when she speaks, he still does not know what she is talking about. You expect such a man to understand what you are not expressing verbally? You may feel common sense is not common to that man, but we all interpret and express things in a different way, so you just have to say what you mean for him to understand.

  1. Women Try To Change Their Partner

It is the belief of many women that a man who love them must change to please them. So many of them believe that they can change their partner and therefore will try all they could to change them. Many will say it is a matter of time. But they have forgotten that so many men do not like to be changed. Some things that may look small to women are major to them.

Well, because of love, some men may try to change in order to please you, but very often, they become insulted. It is then you will start hearing things like “You must love me for who I am, not for the person you want me to be”. Yes, they are correct, it is the truth. Trying to change your man will make him feel you do not love him. It is a way of making them look like a robot.

If you are criticizing the way he dresses, ridiculing his grooming habits or appearance as well as insulting his table manners, then, you are trying all you could to change him. But because you are caretakers by nature, you may not know you are doing them. You must know that it usually does not end well for a relationship. Your man will want to be heard, appreciated and seen for who he is. Just ask yourself, will you take that?

  1. Many Women Expect their Men to Chase Them

Well, you may think a man who really loves you will chase you, you might be right, but that is not entirely correct. What you have failed to realize is that man is thinking that way also. If you love him, you will chase him. He knows very well you want him just like he wants you. So expecting him to chase you will not just help. You need to put in some efforts yourself to make it work.

Make your relationship work, take note of all these common mistakes; embrace a more positive approach and a get more positive result.





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