9 Signs he likes you

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In elementary school days, it is very easy to figure out if a boy likes you or not: all you have to do is sent him note sayings “check yes if you like me or no if you don’t like me”.

That was elementary school days; it is quite different in the adult world as dating men can be greatly less unambiguous. It is the believe of many people that men and boys can absolutely be hard to read as it can get so hard to recognize if he is interested in a woman.

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Many say men’s gesture is quite different to comprehend from women gesture and it can be very hard to make out what men are actually feeling. But relationship experts in recent studies ascertain that men are not really hard to get, talking about the signals they are sending out.

There are things his body language, mannerisms and text messages can disclose about his true feelings.

Have you ever wonder whether that cute guy likes you? What are the surest ways to tell if he is interested in you? Yes, you like him, but knowing whether he likes you or not is just driving you insane as you want to be totally sure of him before you make a move to avoid looking like a fool.

We want you to know that men do that also, it is natural. There are some confirmed methods that can let you know whether he is interested in you or not. Highlighted below are 9 sighs that will let you know whether he likes you or not:

  1. He says it

This is one of the most obvious ways; it cannot be more obvious than hearing it from him.

He, in all probability, is not lying if he disclose it by saying he likes you. You might want to ask yourself in what way does he like me, is he just looking for sex, wants to hook up and be together or he just likes you without thinking of spending time with you.

The tone of his voice will, to some extent, let you know the type of ‘I like you’ it might be. Just watch his expression, because it will not get more obvious than this.

  1. He acts different around you

A guy`s behaviour around you will be different if he likes you. It is either he is a bit nervous, fidgety or maybe he tones down whenever he is around you. You may discover he is a little flustered or even blushes when you talk to him. If he acts in a different way with you than others in his life, it is a clear sign that he has a lot of respects for you.

You might need to know how he acts around others to get a kind of baseline for his normal behaviour.

  1. He praises your appearance

Saying nice things about a girl’s look is a clear sign that a guy is interested in you.  If a guy likes you, he will pay very close attention to your look, appearance, outfit and will never be shy about telling you.

One of his ways of telling you he notices you and wants to make you feel good is compliments.

  1. He is fun of asking you questions

By asking question frequently, he is simply trying to keep the conversation going with you. He is trying to get some points by asking and asking to the extent of asking some questions that are apparently irrelevant. Asking questions are simply out of necessity if probably because he likes you.

It is pertinent to note however, that just because he is asking you some simple and natural questions do not mean he likes you, there is need to be very careful not to mix things up. It largely depends on where and how the questions are asked.

  1. He adds you on social media

Honestly speaking, no man will send friend requests to a lady he do not like. It is very simple. Though, if you got to know each other via mutual friends, staying in touch will not necessarily mean he is interested in you, he might just think you are cool with nothing attached.

But if you receive a friend request from him, he sends you messages, likes your pictures or pokes you, then, there are signs that he really adores you.

  1. He listens to your conversation and remember the details

We cannot get enough from someone we like. We want to know more including the insignificant ones. He is trying to get to know you more by listening to your conversation and not that alone, you will get additional confirmation if he remembers all the details; your first pet, your favourite food, your high-school, etc..

  1. He does not say anything about other women

This is another way to tell if that guy is really interested in you.Other women don’t come into conversation whenever you are together. He might have other girls, but he will not say anything about them just to make you believe in him.

  1. He calls you on a date

A guy who frequently invites you to dinner, coffee, lunch or just to go out with some friends is definitely interested in you. He will want to spend some time with you privately. He will be telling you those things you can do together and how well both of you will enjoy it. All these clearly show he is interested in you.

  1. He kissed you

This is very clear enough. A guy rarely goes for the kiss no matter how drunk he is. As soon as this happens, you know he obviously likes you so much. But again, you still cannot know whether he just want to hook up or he is interested in dating you.

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