9 Signs she likes you


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Sometimes, it can be very challenging to read girls’ minds and almost completely impossible to determine exactly what they want. Men, when it comes to the opposite sex, are not good in reading signs because women are confusing beings which makes it very difficult to know whether they like you or not. At times, it is relatively impossible to know exactly why she does what she does or what she means.

Women are different, just like men; the signs shown by one woman will not automatically match the ones you expect from another woman. Determining whether a girl you are interested in likes you or not is sometimes very challenging. As a matter of fact, some guys see fake signs and end up embarrassing themselves.  To reduce the chances of being rejected, most guys have chosen to remain silent about their feelings. You must be certain of what those looks, smiles and glances really mean as women behave in certain ways if they like you.Women are just like the rest of us which means their signs can also be easily observed and read. So, what do women want and how can you tell if she likes you? Here are 9 signs she likes you:

  1. She Create Time for You

A girl who likes you will go out of her way to create time for you even if she is having a tight schedule.She will always find an excuse to meet you more often so as to spend quality time with you. For girls, one of the things they like to do is spend time with someone they are interested in. If she decides to spend the weekend with you and neglecting her friends, then she undoubtedly likes you.

  1. She Uses Body language

Many girls do not know how to hide their feelings; they show it in many ways including the use of body language. If she is hugging you with both hands tightly or she gives you this unique one-hand hug frequently, then she likes you. A lady who really likes you will hug you for longer period, cuddle and spend hours staring into your eyes. Whenever you meet her, you will see this secret smile on her face and she will always make sure she is looking great so as to attract you.

  1. Unnecessary Jealousy

There is no doubt about this, ladies are so jealous that they can go extra mile to make sure they scare other ladies away from you. If you have other gorgeous women and she cannot stand the idea of sharing you with them, she might demands you treat her different and special from all other girls in your life. You will see her mood change whenever you are closer to any other girl apart from her, all these is telling you that she is seriously interested in you. She might even want to see whether you are jealous too by holding tighter to another man right in your presence.

  1. She Gets Annoyed Over Small Things

A woman who constantly gets angry over non-important issues may be as a result of the fact that she adores you. She is displaying an interest in your life and at the same time striving to get that existence improved. She will constantly make suggestions as well as communicating her displeasure of certain decisions or habits of yours. She is simply proving to you that she is dedicated to making a difference and she wants to play a key role in your daily activities.

  1. She Tells Her Parents or Friends Everything about You

This is one of the major things you will discover about her. She will tell her parents or friends virtually everything about you as soon as she is sure you are special to her. It is a sign she is serious about you and because she do not know how to hide it, the next thing is telling people around her. It is a sure sign that she is interested in you.

  1. She Confides in You

If she likes you, she will entrust you with her life details – family, work, her favourites, her issues as well as her fears. Your opinion will be valued by her; you will be the one to make most of her decisions for her. You will be the first person to hear that great news from her and at the end you will discover that your conversation with her is like a heart-to-heart whispers.

  1. She Wants to Talk To You 24/7

You know, almost all the ladies are talkative. Majority of those that are silent are doing that because they do not have someone they love to talk to. A woman who is paying attention to a guy will regularly try to contact him and not only that, she will immediately start to talk about things even those that are not related. This is a sure sign that a girl wants to talk to you all the time. A girl who wants to talk to you 24/7 is unquestionably attracted to you.

  1. She Enjoys Your Company

Yes, she will enjoy your company. Again, they simply do not know how to hide this either. She will laugh and smile all the time she is with you and she will not want to go. She will laughs at your simplest jokes and when she is down emotionally, you will be the first person she calls.Going to social events with you will become her hubby so as to show her friends and siblings who you are.

  1. Treats you special

Yes, they love to do this. You will suddenly become a very special man. You will even be astonished yourself. If she really likes, she would sometimes bend her own rules and probably do things she would never have done with anybody.  Her important days will be spent with you and she will always want to be by your side.

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Please note, love is beautiful and life is short, so, enjoy it.


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