Holiday Ideas for Couples

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August and September are lively summery months that represent rooftop drinks, activity dates and, of course, couple holidays.

This is such an exciting time of the year and regardless of whether you are a new couple or have been dating for years, there are so many trip options available that you can find the holiday for you. The trouble can sometimes be what type of holiday to choose and you spend so much time going back and forth between ideas that you end up not booking anything!

However, to help you out this guide takes a look at all the different types of holidays you and your partner might want to go on.



If there was anything that you wanted your couple holiday to be, it’s probably going to be ‘romantic’. Without getting too gushy, a holiday for just the two of you is going to be one of the few times you get to spend an extended time together alone. To make the most of it, where should you consider visiting? It may be obvious but Paris is a stereotype for a reason.

Known as the city of love, booking a trip here can be a beautiful and romantic destination for couples. With its landmark spots, hidden cafes and restaurants and cobbled streets, securing an apartment can be a cheaper way to go.


A little bit of a more expensive destination, Santorini is an incredibly romantic place to go. Known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere with mountainous villas and pools looking over the sea, it is definitely somewhere to consider.

There are numerous taverns to explore when you want a lively night out with bustling markets and waterside spots to explore in the day if your private pool isn’t working for you.

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Costa Rica

Well-known for its nature reserves and beautiful wildlife, this is an ‘activity’ holiday even the non-sporty ones of you can get on board with. This is a brilliant destination if you are willing to spend your days exploring breath taking sites and crossing sky-hanging bridges.

Finish your days with your own private accommodation and pool within a larger complex and enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

St Lucia

When you think of ‘St Lucia’ you are probably envisioning honeymoon resorts, crystal clear waters and beautiful tropical scenery. This is all very true but did you know it can also be a great activity holiday destination? There are some incredible activities you can do here that might only happen once in a lifetime.

Think: visiting a volcano, zip-lining in the jungle, boat trips to beautiful islands, taking a mud bath in thermal waters or exploring local villages and their mouth-watering cuisine. And if none of that appeals to you, how about visiting a working cocoa plantation and making your own chocolate bar?


Lake District

Sometimes heading out of the country can be an expensive and more effort than it’s worth. That’s why sometimes it’s a lot easier and cheaper to stay within the UK – plus, there are some beautiful sites here that you may never have realised.

If you are one for countryside walks and pretty, quaint pubs then check out the lake district for an active, British holiday. Side note – this is one you may want to pack your walking boots for.


Popular for a reason, Cornwall is a beautiful beach holiday that won’t break the bank. You can find loads of pretty houses on Air BnB which are right by the water or within the bustling centre.

Spend your days on the beach or exploring the many different tourist activities and dedicate your evenings to trying the different lively pubs and restaurants. It is important to note however that this can also be very over populated with families so make sure you time it right or look at different locations within Cornwall that may be a bit more subdue.



A great cultural trip that doesn’t cost a great deal – where better than Rome? There is so much to see and explore that it makes for an exciting holiday away. There is such a range – from the infamous landmarks to the beautiful Vatican City.

What’s more, after you have taken in all of the ancient sites and delicious food, you can head out in the evening and experience their bustling night life.


Amsterdam may have a reputation for its nightlife but it is also an incredibly beautiful and interesting location to discover. If exploring the cobbled streets and taking trips down the historic canals isn’t enough culture for you, why not check out their infamous art scene with some of the most notable works of art out there.



A party holiday might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a couple’s getaway but a holiday in your pair doesn’t mean you can’t go away with other couples. Some of the best trips are the ones when you go on a group holiday. Renting out a villa can make it a very affordable trip whereas each getting your own room makes it easier to have more alone time.

Ibiza has a great party atmosphere with its buzzing nightlife and lively beach clubs but it also has a more serene area of quiet taverns and secluded beaches. One for all ages, Ibiza offers the best of both worlds.


You may or may not have heard but Mexico is an incredibly energetic holiday destination. Known for their lively music scene, be ready for a very warm and friendly welcome to the country.

It has a great party atmosphere and coupled with bustling local markets and mountain/volcano daytrips, there is no way you can ever be bored. 

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City Getaway


Barcelona is a great city trip because it has enough notable cultural sites to entertain you in the daytime but is small enough that you can see a lot of this city in a short space of time. After exploring its sun lit streets and lively market squares you can enjoy a glass of sangria and freshly cooked meal next to the port.


Budapest isn’t a huge place so if you only have a few days to dedicate to a trip then this is a great choice. Known for its beautiful tourist landmarks, there is a lot of history and culture to see so if you are up for exploring then definitely consider this location.

Spend your daytimes going between the famous sites Budapest has to offer but also make sure to visit the Baths.


The Maldives

A brilliant honeymoon spot (although don’t let that put you off), the Maldives is a beautiful destination for those willing to spend a little extra. With a romantic air in the high end hotels, there is a serene atmosphere which is perfect for couples who want to spend some quiet time together.

If beach walks, water front cocktails and boat trips sound like your thing, take a look at what the Maldives have to offer.


If there’s one destination synonymous with luxury then surely Monte Carlo would take the title. A country known for its famous residents, stylish beach clubs and extravagant lifestyle, this can be a fun couple trip that doesn’t have to break the bank.

The trick is to look at some of the towns right outside of Monaco for cheaper accommodation – Beausoleil is a 5-minute walk to Monaco but you can save a considerable amount by staying here.

Spend your time here on the beach, exploring the parks and castle and the exciting nightlife (particularly around the harbour).


While this has been tailored to these summer months, these locations are beautiful any time of the year; just make sure that you have an idea of the weather and important events at the time of your booking as this may affect your decision (and the budget).

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