Video: How (not) to kiss a stranger… What can we learn from it

This boy goes fast and furious on his first approach and fails. Trying to kiss a stranger like this might work in Hollywood stories, but in the real world chances are really rare. We still believe a similar approach can be successful. Read on to know how.

How could he improve?

He did start well by saying a compliment, but he goes straight in telling her he wants a kiss and even worst, goes for it.

A quick and easy way to improve on his approach is to give her time. She barely had visual contact with him. He could easily have a 10 second chat with her before moving into kissing.

Another way to improve on his approach would be to use “pretty” or “gorgeous”, instead of “hot”.

How could he get a kiss, not a slap

The most important thing to get a kiss is timing. She didn’t even had time to look at him, more time would be required for him to come across as a normal guy, who happens to fancy her, a lot.

If he had used a less sexual compliment and also stopped right next to her to chat for a few seconds, things could have been way better for him. The compliment is perfect to break the ice, but has to be followed by a quick chat.

The chat can be quite simple, asking a question such as “are you visiting the city?” or “having a good day so far?” is more than enough to keep the momentum and avoid making the approach awkward. At this stage he would have to stay calm and relaxed. The pressure has to be on the girl, if she senses the boy is too nervous, she can see him as a weirdo and walk away.

After this quick chat this boy could have asked for a kiss and go for it. We bet he wouldn’t get a slap. Of course, chances to get a proper kiss are still rare as he’s trying to kiss a complete stranger. But adding a few tweaks to a crazy approach likes this can make a big difference on the reaction of the girl.

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