The Curse of Being Single – Why it Can Be Positive

A lot of individuals feel like being single is a ‘curse’ however it’s far from it. Being single can be incredible empowering and we want to highlight how you should use your singledom to your advantage.

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However, if you are still certain that being single has felt like a lifetime and it’s time for a change, take a look at some of our tips and advice to help point you in the right direction.

Why being single is a positive

Being single with no ties is one of the rare times you will be able to focus completely on yourself and put your needs before anyone else’s (if you don’t have children that is). So, rather than wishing this time away, here are some ways to make the most of this solo era.

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Use it as an excuse to travel

While you may have a career that requires you to stay in the same place, being single is one of the best times to embark on an adventure. Travelling can be fun with a partner but it can also be a stressful test for the relationship. By travelling on your own or with a friend, you are able to plan it out the way you want. This is especially great if you are working a job you don’t enjoy and you know you have been putting off taking this adventure for a long time.

Use this time wisely

When you are in a relationship, a great deal of your time is focused on the other person. However, now you are single, reclaim this time back and make good use of it. Perhaps pick up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to do or invest in friendships that were sacrificed before.

Understand what you want more

The older you get, the less you are willing to compromise. It’s funny, as people think that because they are getting older, you may be pressurised to settle however it is in fact the opposite. You now aren’t willing to waste time with people who aren’t worth it and use your single period to work out exactly what you want. This means that by the time your next relationship comes around, it may well be your last.

How to shift this ‘single’ status

It is not a curse but it can be a status many people are tired of having. A lot of the time, it can be frustrating because you feel as though you are making the necessary steps to meet people but things just aren’t working out in your favour. Here are some things you can do to help:

Feel better about yourself

A lot of people complain that they struggle to find someone but that they also do not feel comfortable putting themselves out there. If you want to meet people and be your true, confident self, you want to feel your best. Therefore, make a conscious decision to feel as good as you can, whether that is starting up exercise again, buying some new clothes or throwing yourself back into a passion that you love.

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Change your social circles

We don’t mean ditch your friends but start meeting other people too. This doesn’t have to be the awkward situation of clubs and bars but go as a plus one to the party your friend from work is holding or go to a talk on a topic your enjoy and get talking to the people there.

Say yes

Of course, this is all in moderation but you do need to take some risks. Maybe you’ve been chatting to someone off Tinder and they ask to go for a drink – you don’t know if you fancy them but what have you got to lose? Rather than worrying about the effort of going, take a chance and say ‘why not’.

Don’t settle

Just because you want to be in a relationship, don’t go for any person. This will inevitably hit the rocks and you will be back where you started – single. Instead, take the time to ease yourself into a relationship with someone that actually matters.

Ultimately, just remember that being single is not a bad thing and you are no way going to be single forever. The funny thing is, if you start using the opportunity of being single to enjoy yourself and learn, you will probably find yourself falling into a relationship that you had not planned.

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