Usain Bolt lesson for love

Usain Bolt failed to deliver the perfect ending for a perfect career at the World Athletics Championship 2017 in London, where he lost his last 100m run to Justin Gatlin, a 35-year-old American twice banned from doping.

Usain Bolt mural

Lesson for love

What can we learn about this loss? Not even the greatest can control their faith and destiny. So can’t we, mere mortals.

Next time you think you can control your heart, your feelings or someone else’s for that matter, think again. Most of us are set to try and fail several times until we find ‘the one’. We just need to be prepared for that journey and make the most of it.

Complaining about the latest break up or thinking you’re not lucky enough to find love, it’s not going to get you anywhere. In fact, it will only get you into more chaos.

You just need to stop thinking you failed each time a relationship ends and that new flirt you had didn’t go anywhere. That’s part of love life, live it and accept it.

Of course it’s easier said than done, if we suffer from love it means we’re still humans and capable or nurturing great love for others. That’s a true gift.

If you’re able to feel true feelings for someone at some point, enjoy it, live it to the max and don’t let that any future events ruin it for you. Even if something beautiful ends, it doesn’t mean all is bad, memories fuel our brain and good ones should stay with us.

Turning things around

For Usain Bolt it was his last chance of winning the 100m and he didn’t make it. You might think he cried or felt miserable after his loss, but the fact is he had encouraging words to the world and his fans. He tried his best and failed. Nothing wrong with that.

With that attitude, he became the most successful sprinter of all time. You can do exactly the same to succeed in your love life.

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You can turn any bad event into something positive. By doing that, you’ll be able to move on and keep searching for your soul mate. Not finding your soul mate when you most hoped is not worst part of love searching, the worst part is stop believing in love and in yourself.

A positive attitude is required to turn things around in difficult moments and that attitude is what will enable you to live well, happy and find your love partner.

Avoiding frustration

You can protect yourself for misery if you realise nothing is forever and no one can guarantee you eternal love. We all want that feeling that we found the right one and what it to last forever. Nothing wrong with that, but careful with what expectations you set and when.

Don’t go too soon into a relationship thinking too much about how much love you feel and how much you want to keep that person. Whilst this is a perfectly normal feeling for someone nurturing great feelings for other, it can also put you in a dangerous place if things don’t go as expected.

Normally great relationships develop naturally and they are a combination of factors, which only a couple in harmony can achieve. It’s not something fully controllable or rational.

Think of it a journey without a set destination. You’re enjoying, but you really don’t know for sure where you’re heading to, how and when it will end.

The more you enjoy the journey and experience things, the better. If you can do that, whilst keeping open minded for what’s to come next, that’s perfect. That will enable you to enjoy every moment, but also protect you from a nervous breakdown if things don’t go your way.


It’s all about the right attitude. The more perseverance and positive you are, better are the chances of you finding happiness in a relationship. Doesn’t even mean it’s forever love that you find, you just need to appreciate the journey and show it to the world.

People around you will notice if you’re strong and positive and chances are you’ll be able to be surrounded by people who make you happy and one step closer from having a great love life.

Usain Bolt is absolutely brilliant and a 3rd place on his last run won’t change him a bit.

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