eHarmony Review – Is scientific match making for you?

Bottom line

They promise an expert, scientific approach to online dating and they don’t fall short on delivering. Their unique approach to match making brings true value to members and they do it all in a fun and interesting way.

eHarmony offers a sui generis online dating experience, ideal for singles looking for the match from heaven.

Join now for free and start discovering your matches.

As their TV advert suggest (see below), they deliver better matches.

Who is it for?

Over 25’s looking for committed serious long-term relationships.

Individuals who favour a slow paced online dating environment and enjoy exploring close matches, rather then delving into hundreds of profiles.

If you believe in true love and feel less is better, this is a superb dating site for you.

How does it work?

You start by answering eHarmony questionnaire as this will be the foundation for the clever algorithm finding your best matches.

After the questionnaire you’ll be taken to your account where you can add photos and even more information about you. In a matter of hours the system will start delivering your matches.

Then you can start communicating to your matches, normally starting with sending 5 quick questions for them to answer. You select these questions from a long list available.

After a while you’ll have some answers and better understanding of your better matches. It’s time for messaging.

The system is really simple and fun. Unlike most dating sites, here there’s no wasting time looking at hundreds of profiles, you’ll only get dozens of matches.

New matches and delivered to you everyday.

Here you don’t have the traditional overload of interactions options and profile searching. You only have questions, smiles and messages to your existing matches. Simple, effective and entertaining.

There’s a really great logical system which is based on:

  • You have most compatible matches delivered daily

  • Card flip matches for more info and hide if match is not a fit

  • If you feel there aren’t enough matches you can always go to “what if” option and more close matches will be available (this option will only be available after you upload photo and answer 3 interest questions).

Mobile app

Simplicity and effectiveness are two words which translate what this app is like. You can follow your matches and communicate with them whilst on the move.

The app interface is user friendly and pleasant and we particularly like the way you can see all your updates, which can be new messages, smiles received, messages, your matches new photos, etc.

Whilst the app is in general great, it doesn’t come without a small annoyance. The way eHMail (messaging) works is not the most robust. You don’t get a feed with all messages, instead you see the profile of the member you’re messaging and in order to read the messages you have to click the profile and then click send message. Even after several messages exchange, you still need to go through this process. We find this system a bit clunky and not intuitive.

Thankfully this is the only downside to an overall well nailed down app.


You can expect finding lots of hopeless romantics looking to find the ‘right one’. eHarmony has a astonishing community spread all over UK.

The site relies on strong compatibility match making and unlike most dating sites, here members don’t ‘fight’ for attention or go crazy looking for exposure. This is what makes the community serene, reliable and constructive.

If you’re thinking this might be boring, you couldn’t be further from the truth, it’s just a community looking for a worthwhile online dating experience.

What you get for free?

You can complete the compatibility test and create a profile, which will also allow you to see your matches and communicate (in a limited way).

You’ll be introduced to the matches eHarmony found for you, based on your answers to the compatibility test and you can use what the site calls “guided communication” to interact with your matches.

Guided communications allows you to select questions from a list and send to your matches. They can then reply and send you new questions back.

Here’s a list of the free features:

  • Complete compatibility questionnaire
  • Create profile
  • Explore your matches by seeing photos and profile summary
  • Use guided communication

Should you pay?

If you’re tired of getting overloaded with busy dating sites, but prefer something more straight to the point where you can a more meaningful relationship, you should seriously consider paying for eHarmony.

Once you pay you’ll have full access to one the finest online dating communities in London.

Here’s what you get with a paid subscription:

  • The book of you (it’s a book about you, generated by eHarmony)

  • Send and receive unlimited messages

You also get access to some Premium features, however to get those you need to pay:

  • Secure call service – allows you to call matches without revealing your phone number and cost £6.95 for a month
  • Premium ‘book of you’ – you can purchase a more complete book about yourself for £5.99

How much will you pay?

1 month subscription – £34.95

3 months subscription – £24.95 per month, save 29%

6 months subscription – £14.95 per month, save 57%

12 months subscription – £11.95 per month, save 66%

The best plans you can go for are the 3 and 6 months ones. As you can see there’s a great discount if you go for a 6 month subscription is over 50%.

Unless you want online dating to become your main life focus and you have plenty of time for it, you should stay away from the 1 month plan.

The 12 month plan offers the biggest discount, but we feel it might be too much time. We recommend you go for 3 or 6 months and make them work for you, spending some of your time exploring matches and dating. A 12 months account can be a very long journey and one leaving you feeling hopeless and non triumphalist.

What we like the most

  • Simple formula based on your personality
  • Delivery of new matches over time
  • Community driven by love and romance
  • Mobile app activity updates

What we like the least

  • Mobile app interface for messaging
  • Some minor mobile app glitches, e.g., sometimes you click ‘block match’ and the

Things you should know

If you do not want your membership to renew automatically at the end of your subscription, you can turn this function off in the setting section of your account. otherwise you are entitled to cancel your subscription within 14 days of start date. To do so please call our customer care team. You can call customer service team on 08000280308 (available Mo-Fr, 10.30 – 19.30 and Sat 9 – 18.00).

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