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Bottom line

It’s definitely one of the top choices in the UK market for young adults looking to find love online. A very easy to use website and mobile app with a serious and very large community. Good support, innovative dating features and comprehensive options to interact seals the deal.

Join now for free and soon you’ll realise this is a great dating site, one you won’t regret paying for.

Who is it for?

Individuals looking for romance and who enjoy having plenty of members to get connected with. This is one of the largest online dating communities there is.

If you’re a young professional or a more mature adult looking for a serious relationship, look no further, will offer you great chances of finding ‘the one’.

How does it work?

Both genres from all walks of life will find plenty to choose from. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding the right match.

You’ll find plenty of intuitive and quick options available to start looking for potential matches straight away. The search engine is powerful and you can choose from a large list of personality traits to physical attributes and of course demographics (age, gender, location, etc.).

But obviously doesn’t stop there. They are very innovative when it comes to ways of finding love and even go to the length of providing events for members (normally taking place in larger cities).

You can play matching games, where you choose if you like someone purely by looking at their photos. You’ll be notified of exiting matches and contacting those should improve your chances of starting a conversation.

There are plenty of other options, but we still like the traditional private message a lot. It’s the most personalised way to approach members and one very effective. You can tell straight away something about yourself or mention something you liked on their profile.

They’ve recently added the “love your imperfections” feature, allowing users to mention what are those small quirky things who make them unique.

Mobile app mobile app

The mobile app offered by is simple and useful. There isn’t much fancy stuff on the app, but you can guarantee to keep in touch or search for matches while on the go.

We haven’t found any glitches or bugs on the app. It was always quick and easy to use it. If it’s important for you to have an always accessible app on your phone, you’ll find this app gets the job done.


One of the largest there is. It’s one of the things that makes worthwhile. A focused community taking dating seriously.

You can be sure to find way more active and serious members rather than time wasters. Also, you’ll be well protected as we haven’t found any accounts trying to get into our pockets with scams.

You’ll be happily spending time contacting members or joining one of their many events. Either way, you’ll be in good hands.

What you get for free?

You can subscribe for free, but of course you’ll be very limited on what you can do. Still, with a free account you’ll be able to see how big and strong the community is and how advantageous would a paid subscription be.

The free account will allow you to create your profile, see photo albums, use search tools, send winks and join events (need to pay for ticket).

You might also get winks or private messages, but you won’t be able to read them or see who sent you.

We don’t recommend you start sending winks if you’re going to the paid subscription. These days’ winks tend to be more annoying than a positive approach. This is due to the nature of easy click to wink, making it overused and therefore becoming less considered by recipients. Particularly girls, they will get a large of number of winks, so don’t expect to stand out by using this technique.

It won’t allow you getting any interaction or dates, but that’s something to expect from such a premium service as this. You can’t expect to get it all for free.

Should you pay?

Yes, definitely. The free account can be good for you to create your profile and start searching for local members to see if they are of interest to you, but you should pay to unlock the full power of the site.

Once you pay, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited communication
  • Special discount on events
  • Filter your matches and will e-mail you members according to your preferences

Join for free and soon will soon realise is one dating site is worth paying for.

With a paid account there are few limits on ways to approach members and interact. There’s really good value for your money.

How much will you pay?

1 month subscription – £39.99

3 months subscription – £24.99 per month, save 37%

6 months subscription – £19.99 per month, save 50%

We strongly recommend you go for either the 3 months or 6 months subscriptions. One month won’t probably be enough to find love and the savings you get for more months makes it a no brainer.

We like the most

  • Large and serious community
  • Matches by e-mail with based on our preferences
  • Events
  • Fun and innovative ways of meeting singles

We like the least

  • Very competitive

Being part of one of the biggest online dating communities has many advantages, but it’s also a competitive environment. You’ll have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. Of course, the benefit of being part of such large site outweighs this minor hindrance.

  • Message update

This is what we like the least about the site. They don’t use a message feed per user, instead each time you receive a new message you’ll see a new entry. This can be an annoyance when you start exchanging several messages with members. You can easily have your account inbox with the same members repeated over and over, basically one for each time they send you a message.

  • Adverts

Unless you subscribe for the 12 months plan, will run ads. This makes the site busier and a bit slower.

Things you should know

After paying for any subscription you’ll be on auto renewal, meaning you’ll get charged for the exact same subscription once you reach the end o the term. If you no longer wish to continue with your subscription after the term you already paid for, you just need to access your ‘manage subscription’ menu, where you’ll be able to cancel it straight away. You need to do it 48h before the end of the term.

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