5 best cheap date ideas and how to pull them off

Normally trying to find the right one involves going to several dates and it can get quite expensive. We all know men should buy on the first date and that’s generally what happens.

How about impressing her with more than just buying drinks or dinner? And how to do it without hurting your wallet? Our cheap date ideas will help you achieve that.

Our top 5 ideas focus on first steps dates. The hard part of new dates it’s that you normally don’t know the person that well to know what he/she would like.  It can be hard to be creative and when money is a concern, things get even worst.

If you’re already dating someone for while, you should try to impress that person based on her/his likes. Whilst these ideas might help you, we strongly suggest you focus on what you feel that person will enjoy the most.

Why only 5 ideas? Because we’ve done the hard work for you, exploring plenty of ideas and selecting only the best ones. The ones that will impress and work in the real world without being expensive.

We’re pretty sure you can find an article on the web mentioning 50 fantastic date ideas. What we say about it? Most of them aren’t realistically achievable and others won’t definitely work for initial stages of dating.

We don’t want to make you believe that it’s reasonable to go exploring a rain forest on a 1st or 2nd date.

The top isn’t in a particular order, so feel free to pick the idea that will suit you best.

1. By the river

people by the river

Simple huh? It is, but so often forgotten. Rivers are magical and we rarely live far from one. Is there anyone who doesn’t fancy a river view? There must be, but thankfully those people are rare to find.

The idea is simple. Explore the map around your area and see what good spots you can find by the river. Remember the title of this article? “Cheap date ideas” we said. To stick to that promise we suggest you look for a local coffee shop, instead of a fancy restaurant.

What will impress your date isn’t the spot you’ll take her/him, but the location. If you can find a cheap spot with amazing views better still, but we know that’s not always possible.

Choose your spot and make it a surprise, try to meet in a neutral place, such as a local station and walk to the chosen place.

If it’s warm remember to invite your date to walk along the river. Nothing better to keep a good conversation and make everything more romantic.

And you can save big time with this. Why? Because you’re by the river, it’s the best excuse to have just one drink and move on exploring the river side with a nice walk. Even if it rains, go for it, it’s a nice excuse to share an umbrella.

If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea, make that your prime location.

2. Gallery, expo, fair, local market

street little market

Taking your date to an art gallery it’s a good way to show you’re not just a pretty face and it’s a great place to discuss tastes and keep conversation going.

Now, for this to be cheap you need to explore your local galleries and select a list of free admittance ones. From there, read more on the ones you can actually enjoy going and make sure you know discover a bit more about it before going.

If you’re thinking of this for a 1st date, don’t go straight to the gallery. That’s not the best place to be when you just met someone. You’ll need some context to do this, so find a cheap spot close by where you can have a drink.

If you’re going for a drink, make it a surprise. Don’t mention the gallery until you’re there and if there’s one of those moments where the conversation isn’t flowing, it’s your time to shine. Explain him/her how you would like to go to the gallery and what it’s all about. Tease her/him to go as it’s just around the corner. If you’re date is going well, you’ll be succeed in your move and score some points.

Remember, this can be a gallery or something else, as long it’s thematic and unique, it will make a decent impact.

One important thing is to try to chat about what the other person likes to do on spare time. If your date has previously chatted about how much he/she hates looking and boring paintings, you won’t make a smart move by choosing a contemporary art gallery. Instead, try to something that suits him/her better.

3. Park

boy with bike afternoon park

Parks are a wonderful place to spend time with someone.

This idea might sound basic and in fact it is, but it’s a good one. It will be cheap and have a great impact, but unfortunately won’t work without the good weather.

Limitations a side, if the weather is good, invite your date to go to the park.

One of the big advantages of meeting someone in a park is the freedom you have. You can have a picnic, go for a walk, sit and enjoy the weather, have an ice-cream, and so on.

Careful with the picnic option, you don’t want to rush into that on a first date. As romantic as it may be, there’s a chance of becoming disaster without the right ingredients. Normally chemistry is needed between you and your date for it to go well.

Going for a walk, having an ice-cream it’s a great way to meet someone. Being outdoors with the good weather can put a smile in pretty much every person. Take that into your advantage.

Invite your date to go to a partner you know and where you can make a good impression by explaining its unique features. Going to a park you’ve never been and saying “I’ve never been here myself” will make you sound like an idiot, unless you’ve both agreed on exploring a new are, don’t make this mistake.

Plan ahead on what you want to do. Ask your date if she/he likes to go long walks of prefers just to lie on the grass.

Make sure you pick the right park for the type of date you have planned.

A park gives you the opportunity of having silence moments. Whilst on a face to face meet at the bar you have the added pressure of chatting all the time, on the park you can always have time to prepare your next line whilst enjoying the surroundings.

This is not to say you can keep your mouth shut for long periods, you can’t. You still have to keep a conversation, but benefit from a less pressuring environment.

4. Quirky spots

people at tapas bar

As you know, every city has his quirky spots. Those places only some know about and make us think there’s something for everyone.

If you live in a city and you haven’t found your quirky spots, it’s about time for you to find them.

Before going for this date option you have to be able to judge how the unusual spot you have in mind can impress your date. If you can’t see it as a fit, don’t go for it, whilst this can go incredibly well, can also go terribly wrong if your date isn’t into the quirkiness of the place.

A good example of this would be an ice bar, those where you are surrounded by ice walls, sculptures and drink from ice glasses. You want a cool quirky spot like that.

For most impact, make sure you’re taking your date to a place they’ve never been before. Don’t give away all the details, just ask the right questions.

Questions you have to ask:

  • Start by referring to the location of the spot and try to find out if they know the area or know a particular spot on the area. If not, they probably never been there.
  • After picking a spot they most certainly haven’t been before, test your date to understand if he/she might enjoy it.

Sometimes we choose a place we love, but totally miss the point on what the other person likes. And no, liking different places doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date, it just means you should be sensible when picking location for initial stages of dating.

If you like that spot with dark rooms and electro sound playing, ask yourself if your date will enjoy too.

5. Viewpoint

couple at mountain viewpoint

Now this is the last, but definitely not the least cheap date you can go for. Choosing a spot with an amazing view is not only cheap, it’s also a great way to impress your date.

This one is really easy to pull off. Ask your date if he/she knows about this place. Our suggestion is you don’t mention the amazing views at this stage, you’ll want to make it a surprise.

Chat to your date until you find a spot where he/she has never been before. You should not meet at the exact location, to make this perfect, set a nearby place and the meeting point and then just walk to the superb viewpoint.

Once you get there, you can amaze your date with a great view. You can always buy a cappuccino at a local coffee shop. Any cheap drink will be fine, after all the view is what counts the most.

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