Finding a relationship online – The easy way

Tried on trying online dating, spending endless hours matching to get no attention from other users, or only get attention from the wrong ones?

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This is a frequent scenario in modern dating. We get apps and loads of chances to match with all sorts of people, but ask yourself how often do you actually meet someone you can potentially have a relationship with? It’s a rare occasion, but there are ways to make it happen more often.

Have a clear idea on what you’re after

If you know what you like in a partner, you’re already on the right path for finding the right one. However, nowadays is super easy to find yourself confused with what you really want and care about.

Free online dating and apps can be useful, but the reality is they tend to have all sorts of users with all sorts of intentions, making it hard to find the right people. Make sure you know what you want, it will make your experience a much better one.

Stay focused

Once you are clear on what you’re after, to connect to potential candidates for a relationship you need to stay focused. This means you should start by picking up an online dating service that helps you doing so.

If you join a dating site or app that delivers you hundreds of matches per day, but none chats to you or you simply don’t find that connection to keep chatting, then it’s worthless. Try joining a website that actually helps you connecting to the right people – and later I’ll tell you the service I most like -.

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Talk more with less

There’s no point on sending messages to endless matches saying “hi, how are you?”. Sooner or later you’ll realize the conversation won’t flow beyond “what do you do?” or “where do you live?”. Why? You’re probably matching too many people and trying to chat to loads of members of a dating site, instead of focusing on a few ones that really matter.

Stop sending loads of messages now, and move towards picking the members that fit the “what you’re after”. Write more than one sentence, making sure you say something more than the basic chat lines. This will help you connecting with less people, but on a much deeper level.

Make sure you date

Once you get to the point where you connected with someone and found common ground, things are looking good and positive, don’t just stay online. Remember the online world is just a great way for initial connection, but the real world is where love and relationship are.

Don’t chat forever, you’ll see it getting boring and collapsing into not so much fun chat. You don’t want that to happen. You want to meet in person and keep that conversation flowing face to face.

If you can’t get a date straight away, don’t get frustrated. Make sure you explain the other person you prefer meeting face to face to see how it goes. Most people will be pleased to hear this and follow your lead.

Choose the right online dating service

I’ve tried and tested several apps and sites and can tell you there’s loads of lousy services out there. Often you’re promised a lot for services that don’t deliver much.

Free dating sites and apps are fantastic. They’re free, right? What’s not to like? Plenty of things. The tips I just gave you all have one thing in common, they will help finding a meaningful relationship and they will work far better on a paid online dating service.

With dating I normally say “you get what you pay for”, so if you’re being cheap and not paying, don’t expect much. Are all paid services good then? No, not at all. I recommend spending time reading reviews after paying.

One of the top services you can find is, and to help you know better and more about it, I’ll advise you reading the review. This site has a ton of users and most of them will match with you only when it makes sense to. You can spend time chatting to people that will probably mean a lot to you. Dating is just more fun and better this way.

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