3 online dating steps for a blasting summer

Spring is a fantastic time of the year. It’s the time where we feel the long anticipated summer is coming. Time to forget about the cold winter left behind, especially here in London.

London is a city blessed by beauty and all becomes even greater when the sun shines. During the spring we can’t expect always good weather in the city, but as soon as the sun shines we see more smiles and less clothes.

If you ask me why this is such an important is dating period for me, I’ll give you one word “opening”. This is the opening of the most sought after of all seasons, summer of course.

You see, people are now realizing great times are coming, they want to start enjoying themselves, do more exercise, eat better food, do more outdoors activities and in general be more open to enjoy themselves.

All of this can help you achieve great things from online dating.

Today I’ll share with you one the main strategies I use in online dating during spring time. I broke this down in 3 easy steps for you to follow and do the same.

Step #1 – Joining dating site and preparing profile

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First is the obvious step of joining a dating site. I love joining a large site at this time of the year, because I like to be ready for a busy summer with plenty of dating.

I choose Match.com to do so. Massive and great community available in the UK, this site has everything I need to achieve my goal of finding great girls to date with.

If you’re wondering why I don’t use any free dating apps or sites, check this post to understand why.

Once I join Match.com it is time to create a profile.

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I keep it very simple, add 4 pics (2 face, 2 full body) and 3 very short paragraphs saying some basics about me.

Photos are the most important thing, whist during winter month’s people would be looking for the perfect match, during spring and summer you just have to come across as cool, adventurous, etc. You want to attract active people looking to enjoy themselves.

With rubbish pics you won’t go far and as always I tell you not to use selfies. Tell me you have a friend to take you pics, please tell me you have fun times around friends and you take photos on those occasions.

Step #2 – Connect and update

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At this stage I’ll start searching for interesting cute girls and send them a message. I don’t use winks or other techniques, because I want to use the most personal way of communication, message is the one to go for.

I like to keep a first message short and simple, but also personalized. I take 10 secs to read some bits of a girls profile and see if there’s something worth mentioning, if not, I’ll just ask something random, such as ‘in your eyes I see and adventurous girl, am I right?’. Note this is random, but this way you come across as an imagine guy, instead of boring or cheesy.

At this stage I also like to keep updating my profile, this gives something new for girls to look at and keeps my profile more exposed on Match.com.

I like to update photos and tag lines the most. If I’m away on a weekend I’ll mention that on the tag line and make it interesting enough to call girls attention. Something like ‘making the most of Brighton, any tips?’. I left a question there, and yes, some girls will write me tips and start a conversation from there.

Now remember, to make this work you need good pics. In 90% of times a girl will only contact someone or reply to a message if they find that person attractive. Otherwise they won’t spend their time.

Send plenty of messages and focus on girls who reply, don’t chase girls who don’t. If you see who’s seen your profile, probably she has seen you and if she didn’t reply is simply because she doesn’t want to. Move on, we can’t please every girl.

Step #3 – Move to WhatsApp and date

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You don’t want to keep endless conversations on Match.com. I always say, the more immediate and personalized your communication is, the more effective. There’s nothing more effective (as of today) than texting via phone.

When you get a girls phone that’s when you know she fancies you enough to meet you, that’s also when you get the chance to communicate with her in real time. Even if she loses interest in online dating or stays away from the site for days, you’ll be able to reach her, in a way others guys can’t.

Get this? It’s not over rated, having her number is definitely a great thing. And of course, people nowadays give numbers easily because you can always block someone, but still if she gives you her number you just need to make plans to date her.

Once you move to what’s app (that’s my fav as most people use it), you’ll want to keep conversation going and chat at least once a day, even if for a few minutes.

Ask her out and if says ‘yes’, make sure you set a date and location. Don’t forget to reply with excitement and don’t say ‘ok, let’s meet one day’. No, you want to make sure your window of opportunity is taken and you arrange a date for a rather soon day.


I won’t talk much about the dating scenario. I do this all the time in my posts and you’ll better learn from them as this is an infinite subject.

But the key for successful spring dating is to choose nice spots and keep it fun and energetic. If you go for afternoon coffee on a sunny day, choose a nice promenade instead of a claustrophobic place.

When dating you need to be at your best, so make sure you dress accordingly, no matter what your style is, remember she’s seen your pics, don’t go too off from those. Otherwise she might think you’re actually different from she expected.

If you feel things went well, grab her and kiss her by the end of the date, if that doesn’t happen and the date was good, she might feel you didn’t fancy her and let’s hope that’s not the case.

Enjoy you dating and get ready for summer. You’ll want to find some good partners in crime to have fun times during the hottest period of the year. That’s the goal.

Keep in mind, if you are in a different location or using a completely different dating site, experience will certainly differ from mine. This applies even more if you’re using a free dating site.

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